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Underground Utility Contractor

Specializing In

Sewer And Water Line Repairs And Leak Detection

Main Sewer Line Snaking and Hydrojetting Service

Hydrojetting Lines with proper cleanouts Installed

Clean Outs Installed Usually in one day!

Wet Basements And Crawl Spaces

And Trenchless Galvanized Water Line Replacement!

GPS Sewer And Waterline Location And Mapping

Private Utility Locating And Cable Fault Finding

Cast Iron Pipe Descaling Under Basement Slabs


Water, Sewer, And Drainage Contractor



Serving North Seattle To Everett

Serving SCure Wet Basements With Pipe Not Paint

Trenchless Sewer Repair Pipe Lining or Pipe Bursting

Repair your entire sewer main line without trenching/digging up the driveway or landscaping.

Expert Waterproofing Services

Current Special $299 Sewer Camera Inspection!

Specialty Pipe Inspections We Have a Mini Pipe Camera

That Can View Some 1" straight runs of Pipe Very Few People Have This Tool.

Trenchless Sewer Lining (CIPP)And Pipe Line Replacement.

Pipe Bursting Sewer Replacement 4"- 6" Lines

Foundation Footing Drain Lines Installed Or Repaired

Water Line Repair By Trenchless Methods

Geothermal Horizontal Ground loop installations for tight places.

Plastic Water Pipe Mapping And Leak Detection In Seattle.

If It's A Water Related Problem Chances Are We Do It!

Licensed , Bonded And Insured

Washington Contractor Lic. #SEATTDP916CD


Retaining Wall Straightening Using Manta Ray Earth Anchors.

Pipe Descaling For Cast Iron Pipes with heavy build up causing constant blockages, not cheap but better than breaking the slab up for a pipethat still has more years of life left.

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