"Hydro-Jetting Or Jetting is the only process that can actually
clean your sewer and French Drain lines."

20 plus years of Hydro-jetting Seattle  French Drains And Sewer Lines!

Cost is $799 for Basic Hydro-jetting up to one hour on a single line.

2024 short video of roots being jetted out of a line. 

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In 2024 this is needed more than ever Seattle because with Lack of Rain and higher Summer temps the roots are entering sewer pipes to drainage systems and growing faster than normal so what worked and lasted for 5 years is now about a year. Using Rootx will extend the time the Hydro-jetting lasts.

We use a Sewer Camera to do Hydro-jetting in Seattle at the same time to do the best possible results so that the job is very much like a surgeon using a camera.

We start at the city sewer in the street and make our way back to the houses outside cleanout near the foundation to get the roots and debris. We prefer Outside cleanouts to minimize potential inside flooding and to be more aggressive  on our attack on the roots. We will do inside cleanouts on a case by case basis (send a picture or two) but will not ever use the inside toilet connection as a starting point. It is a direct 90 degree bend and can snag or create friction on the hose. There are plenty of places that will do it just not us. Sewer Drains Footing drains and French drains can also be hydro jetted if an access point is available to enter the system and the layout is known or been traced with the camera.

Snaking a sewer line can open the pipe up by making a hole in the roots and get the water to drain but it does not clean the pipe or open it to it's full original size. In Seattle we get roots in the sewer that can be as thick as the size of your little finger, it takes a high powered jetter to remove these roots. Also the jetter can clean the pipe to make it clear if there are any cracks or breaks that could not be seen before. There are a lot of names for Hydro Jetting like Jetting, hydrojetting, Hydro Clean, Jet Clean, etc. Besides are large Jetter pictured above we carry smaller machines then the one pictured to clean household kitchen lines as well and these do a great job on grease! Snaking grease is also not very effective because the grease just acts like pancake batter and seals around the cable not really doing very much. Pressure washing the pipes from the inside used to be done only by big cities but the technology has been adopted to be used in homes now.

We have a Jetter that can do the largest Sewer and Storm Drains in Commercial Factories to the smallest lines found in a home. One call to Seattle Drain Service is all that is needed.
There are many uses of Jetters. We often Clean failed full of mud House Foundation Drain tiles also called Footing Drains. This removes the mud and can sometimes stop basement flooding saving the super high costs needed to install and excavate a new footing drain system. We offer different pricing on Hydro-jetting and yes it matters! Our premium jetting service (which we recommend and is our most requested jetting) Is $799-$1200 depends on access and length of job. What makes this special is we run the jetter out the line slow to the city sewer to remove loose roots and debris then the camera goes out and we bring the two back together toward the house, when we see roots we stop and concentrate the water jet stream at the location then the camera comes back and we examine how we did if there are more roots we move the camera away a safe distance and begin jetting again, we do this as much as it takes to we have removed the roots then we continue to the next location and the process begins again. If we are not happy we change to different nozzles to accomplish the task. This job is time consuming and is why it cost more. If this is followed up with a RootX treatment once a year in March you do not need jetting again just the root killer treatment. This is no sewer mira`cle repair this process will make a sewer live 5-10 years longer on the average while you budget for sewer replacement. Option 2 in Hydro jetting is the way most companys do jetting they run the jetter out slow to near the city sewer main the pull it back slow load up the equipment ask for the check and leave. Cost $799- on up. This is way better than a regular sewer snake job as it removes more roots but since it is not concentrated at the locations it needs to be in the pipe it won't last as long especially with plants and shrubs and trees that have agressive root growth. Another aspect is the calander year weather pattern. If it was a hot summer with limited rain then the plants and trees will build up more than normal in your sewer pipe as they need the water. Seattle Rainy years tend to have less growth in your sewer pipe.
If you want the budget jetting we will do it on request but our main focus is doing a quality job that will last as long as possible it's your choice. Call Or Text 206-395-6350 with questions or to make an appointment. If I am jetting a house I can not answer and sending an email to Bryce@seattledrainservice.com is faster or even a text, please say where you are located and any information that you know like is there an outside yard cleanout access or is it only inside the basement?


Bryce Kennedy

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