A 3 minute short movie. This is a 75 year old clogged , Seattle 4" Side Sewer line. We first punched a hole in the clog to get it flowing so that the people had a drain to use. Your average Rooter man on commission would hand you the bill for the cleared sewer line and be on his way with your money! And you would be happy as your clogged drains where now working. But wait let's put the camera in there and see how well the snake did.

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So that is what a slow or clogged drain looks like after a snake has gone in and out several times. Yes it is now a working drain but it will become a slow and clogged drain again!

Not every drain needs to have a camera in it, but the large lines going to the sewer really need to be done at least once to document where the problem is so that it can be snaked yearly.

Or have the bad spot or spots repaired. In Seattle slow or clogged drains are usually because of age not design. We also offer our Jetting on really bad lines to restore them.

After a good snake job or Jetting we recommend RootX while the roots are exposed with this treatment a year is usually possible before another service is needed.